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Paperspace Advanced Technologies Group

Paperspace ATG is the internal R&D arm of Paperspace and is tasked with exploring advanced topics in machine learning, data engineering, and UI/UX for developing intelligent applications.

The Research Fellowship is a semester-long paid program that is designed to bring in Graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines who want to apply their passion for research in a practical setting.

The ATG accepts two fellows each semester and and two during the summer. Research fellows are paired with a Paperspace engineer to advance and document their research project.


Research Areas

The ATG is currently engaged in the following active areas of research. Not all projects fall directly under any single area but generally these areas encompass the types of projects that we believe we can best contribute to.

  • Deep Tech This research track is designed to push the limit of current machine learning algorithms, applications, or foundational knowledge. Past fellows have taken on GPU kernel development, adversarial auto-encoders, and other advanced topics in the deep learning space.
  • Tooling / Interfaces This research track is designed to push the boundaries of what is possible with ML interfaces (GUI, CLI, and others). Topics such as experiment tracking, visualization techniques, and novel ways of modelling complex data and interactions fall under the scope of this research area. Past fellows have worked on making pre-trained deep learning models more accessible to a broader audience through new abstractions and interfaces.
  • Education / Accessibility This research track is designed to expand the accessibility of existing ML and deep learning techniques through education and advocacy. As more and more advanced topics come from academia, there exists a larger and larger divide between experts and novices. Furthermore, how can we open up deep learning to new audiences and not just experts. Questions of fairness, bias, and openness are at the center of this conversation.


Spring / Summer 2019 Applications now being accepted



  • Is this a paid fellowship? ATG Research Fellows will receive $10,000 during a regular semester (15 weeks @ 20 hours per week) and $15,000 for the summer session (10 weeks @ 30 hours per week).
  • How long is the Research Fellowship? The ATG Research Fellowship lasts the duration of a full semester. It is expected that the fellow will dedicate at least 20 hours per week to their project. During the Summer session, the Fellowship lasts a total of 10 weeks and it is expected that the Research Fellow commits at least 30 hours per week to their work.
  • Who can apply? Graduate students in PhD or Masters programs are eligible to apply. Exceptions will be made in rare circumstances for final year undergraduate candidates.
  • Are remote candidates eligible to apply? The Fellowship is currently available to candidates who can work from our New York City office. Remote candidates will be considered in exceptional circumstances.
  • If I have additional questions, whom should I reach out to? If you have additional questions, please reach out to [email protected]. Please note that due to the number of requests we receive we cannot always guarantee a prompt response. We will do our best to respond as quicky as possible.

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