Paperspace recently came out of stealth to modernize the desktop computer. Computers are costly, complex and frustrating to manage and too often, they get in the way of the things that matter. To that end, we founded Paperspace to make buying and managing computers easier and more affordable for everyone.

Paperspace is replacing the traditional desktop with a powerful cloud-based computer you can access from anywhere. It's always on, always backed up, and infinitely scalable. This means Paperspace can be the last computer you ever buy.

As the world's first GPU-accelerated DaaS/VDI platform, Paperspace is capable of running high-end media rich applications and 3D graphics. Our proprietary protocol is the fastest streaming technology available, delivering near-native performance directly in a web browser.

Paperspace for Teams brings this effortless virtual desktop platform to the enterprise. Our simple web-based management console includes powerful enterprise features like 1-click backups, monitoring, custom templates, shared drives and more.

Our investors?

Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, Ludlow Ventures, Data Collective, and more.

What's in the name?

Paperspace is a term used in CAD to refer to the window into a 3D world. It's a metaphor for the notion of a portal into the limitless power of the cloud.

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