Paperspace Features

Drag and Drop

Getting a file into your computer in the cloud is as easy as dragging it and dropping it.

* Windows only / Linux coming soon

Intelligent Alerts

Get notified if your machine is accessed from a new location and other suspicious activity.

Two factor

Two factor authentication uses a special cryptographic token in addition to your normal password.

Shared Drives

Create shared drives for the whole team. Best of all, transfer is nearly instantaneous.

Unlimited Power

Up to 32 CPUs, 1TB of RAM and as much storage as you need. Paperspace machines are built to scale.

Multiple monitors

Paperspace can run on two displays. Use multimonitor in the web or the native app.

* Windows only / Linux coming soon

Optional Add-ons

Instant Snapshots

A snapshot is a way of capturing your whole computer at a moment of time.


A template is a replica of a machine that you can use to build new machines.

Public IPs

Assign a dedicated IP address to your machine.

Pricing and Billing FAQ

What's the difference between standard and dedicated GPUs?

Standard GPUs are perfect for most applications (i.e. our Air, Standard, and Pro instances). However, if you are running high-end applications that need full access to a GPU then our dedicated instances are for you. If you aren't sure, you probably don't need a dedicated GPU.

How does pricing work?

For hourly plans you are charged a flat rate(depending on machine type) per month to cover storage and access. Additionally, you are charged an hourly rate when the machine is running. Monthly plans are offered at a flat rate for unlimited access.

Am I charged when my machine is off?

For hourly plans, if your machine is powered off, you will only be billed for your storage. Monthly machines have a flat rate per month regardless if the machine is on or off.

What do people use Paperspace for?

Paperspace is a powerful computer you can use for anything. It's perfect for gaming, VFX, Machine Learning, or running as a full virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade or cancel your paid subscriptions at anytime from within your console.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account anytime through the console, under the settings tab.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Please open a support ticket if there are extenuating circumstances.

Still have more questions?

Check out our helpdesk or shoot us an email at

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