Paperspace customers come from every industry in which accelerated computing is useful, from machine learning to rendering and everything in between.

Here we've collected some stories from more than 650,000 users.

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"Thank you for providing a great experience for our students! @HelloPaperspace is one of only 2 notebook services we recommend on our course website for completing our lessons."

Jeremy Howard

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"We found that Paperspace was the most convenient and cost-efficient option for us as researchers."

Rohan Tondulkar

Senior Research Scientist, SciSpace
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"Paperspace has been the ideal platform for incorporating GPU-equipped machines into our cloud infrastructure."

Oliver Reznik

Founder, Tunebat and Specterr
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"Safeguarding user experience from online toxicity requires a state-of-the-art approach to machine learning. Paperspace helps the team operate efficiently and effectively."

Josh Newman

Co-Founder, Spectrum Labs
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"Paperspace provides us a way to better interface with researchers; allowing us to focus on building tooling, and models that are widely applicable to the field."

Ouwen Huang

Founder, Gradient Health
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"Our partnership with Paperspace will boost our system’s advanced analytics so that we can better enable cities to remotely and continuously control their wastewater quality."

Ari Goldfarb

CEO, Kando
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“We’ve provided the Paperspace Gradient platform as a development resource, which has allowed the program to operate much more efficiently in terms of time and cost."

Alex Castrounis

AI Expert in Residence, 1871
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"Once an idea is locked, we can calculate the time to render and how long each frame will take, and then spin up however many virtual machines we need to meet our deadline."

Alex van Dyne

Founder, Visual Science
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"Paperspace’s cutting-edge GPUs, enabled the Fellows to get models up and running in a matter of minutes, and to prototype recently published research within days."

Jeremy Karnowski

AI Lead, Insight Data Science