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What is Gradient° ?

A suite of tools for exploring data, training neural networks, and running GPU compute jobs. Gradient° includes 1-click jupyter notebooks, a powerful job runner, and a python module to run any code with full power of the Paperspace GPU cloud.


Launch a GPU-enabled Jupyter Notebook with 1-Click

These interactive coding environments let you combine code with equations, visualizations, rich text, and other media.

They make it easy to explore data and coding concepts, collaborate with other people on projects, and easily get a coding environment provisioned in seconds.

Hello, TensorFlowRun
Fast.AI Pytorch 0.3Run
Datascience toolbox Run


Train and deploy directly from your command line.

With the Gradient° job runner you work on your local machine and submit "jobs" to the cloud to be processed. It only takes a few lines of code to start running on Gradient. Note, if you don't already have a free Paperspace account you can easily create one here.

A Gradient° job consists of:

  • a collection of files (code, resources, etc)
  • a docker container (with code dependencies and packages pre-installed)
  • a command to execute (i.e. python main.py or nvidia-smi)

First you need to install the Paperspace Command Line Interface (CLI).

Next, login through the CLI and download the sample project which runs style transfer on a video.

# Login to the CLI
$ paperspace login

# Then clone the test repository to your local machine
$ git clone https://github.com/Paperspace/fast-style-transfer && cd fast-style-transfer

Now, run the paperspace jobs command to submit this code to Gradient° . Check the documentation to learn more about this command.

# Run the repo as a GPU job
$ paperspace jobs create --container Test-Container --machineType GPU+ --command "/paperspace/run.sh"


One Line of code to run any python script on a GPU in the cloud.

If you don't already have a free Paperspace account, go ahead and create one first. Once you have done that, you will need to download the Paperspace python module. It is compatible with Python 2 and 3.

# Use pip
$ pip install paperspace

# Or if you use Anaconda
$ conda install paperspace -c paperspace

Import the package to your main python file

# within your python file at the top
import paperspace

Run your code with the paperspace.run() command in your python file.

# add this line to the end of your main python file


Gradient° runs on the Paperspace cloud which means you get the best prices for GPUs in the industry. Easily scale up or down as your needs change.


For hobbyists, explorers, and adventurous learners

VM access (desktop, terminal, SSH)
Standard GPU access


For hobbyists, explorers, and adventurous learners

VM access (desktop, terminal, SSH)
Priority GPU access
Persistent Drive
Job Runner


For startups, professionals, and researchers, and more people

contact us
VM access (desktop, terminal, SSH)
Priority GPU access
Persistent Drive
Job Runner
Priority support
Team features / ACL
* Gradient° is free for users during the beta period.

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