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  • How do I train & tune a model on my own data?
    How much training data is required? What ML architectures should I use?
  • How do I decrease my training time?
    Learn how to scale-up & scale-out your training & inference across your compute cluster.
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    From quantization to pruning, our team of experts has you covered.
  • How do I move my model to a production environment?
    Fine-tune your compute infrastructure and build a pipeline to automate routine steps.
  • How do I explain my predictions?
    Learn about best-in-class model observability tooling & metrics collection.

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Compute hours


Jupyter notebooks

Customer Success Stories


Developing an online marketplace for AI generated images


Created a process to generate images given a set of input images and chosen style. The build out included a Gradient Notebook to highlight the feasibility of the model and allow for customer iteration of the process, a Workflow to run batch inference on a set of images and store generate images in a Dataset, and a live Deployment that allows users of the platform an interactive web application to generate art from their own source images.


Creating an interactive search engine for existing patents in the US and abroad


Built out an interactive web page deployed on Gradient that allows users to search a string of text and return the most similar patents to the searched text. This process was enhanced in a 2nd phase for the client by ensuring all models were stored offline and versioned and the sentence embeddings stored in a database. The main purposes of this 2nd phase were to speed up the rate at which new embeddings could be processed and stored, decrease response times of the application, and improve startup times of new instances to allow for more responsive auto scaling.


Creating and implementing retailer technologies for autonomous stores


Supported the ML team in building out Gradient Workflows to automate multi-layered pipelines that trained individual product object detection models that were aggregated with outputted annotated videos into a wide-reaching object detection solution.



What value does the Professional Services offering provide?
Professional Services provides you with direct access to leading ML experts who are ready to help you accelerate your ML projects, wherever you are in the ML lifecycle.
How do I interact with Professional Services experts?
We provide Slack-based interaction as well as one-on-one in-person or remote sessions for addressing your specific ML challenges.
Who do I engage with the Professional Services team?
Your primary point of contact is an ML Engineer that is assigned to your account. Based on the specific needs of your business, they will engage other internal ML, Engineering, or DevOps resources relevant to your current challenges.
How do you price support for different size organizations?
We offer custom pricing options to fit your specific stage. Please fill out the form below so we can better understand your needs and send you detailed pricing information.

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