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Proprietary streaming technology delivers sub 10ms rendering

Stream all the best games

Paperspace delivers a full gaming PC in the cloud. Play the best titles and install any application you would like. Your Paperspace machine is a full computer in the cloud and it's entirely yours.

Simple setup

Paperspace is the perfect platform for running cloud games. We've partnered with to deliver the best cloud gaming platform in the world. Run even the most demanding games on a Chromebook or Macbook Air.

Proprietary streaming technology delivers sub 10ms rendering

Intelligent Streaming

Our low-latency GPU cloud architecture combined with a proprietary streaming protocol that is designed for the highest performance possible in any environment. You have to try it to believe it.


Our advanced bandwidth estimation algorithm means that Paperspace can adapt to your particular internet connection.


Delivering every frame in less than 16.6 ms ensure that every game feels amazing.


Streaming support up to 2.5k resolution means that you don't have to compromise on your cloud gaming experience.


Own a powerful gaming rig for just a few dollars a month and only pay for what you use.

2 Some regions have limited GPU availability

Pascal architecture
2560 CUDA cores
288 GB/s
16GB memory
$0.65 / hr

Maxwell architecture
1664 CUDA cores
192 GB/s
8GB memory
$0.40 / hr

Pascal architecture
3840 CUDA cores
432 GB/s
24GB memory